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Adobe Illustrator

Master the tools and create beautiful designs in the most powerful tool for Graphic Designers.

Adobe Illustrator Advanced

Take your skills and designs further with our

advanced illustrator lessons and templates.

Adobe InDesign

It's time to get your work client and print ready.

Master Adobe InDesign and get your work out there.

Adobe Photoshop

Dive into one of the most popular tools in the Adobe suite and essential for Graphic Designers.

Logo Design

Learn how to research and design beautiful client ready logos with lessons and case studies.

The Theory of Design

Discover the key principles behind beautiful graphic design work.

Marketing Toolkit

The marketing toolkit will help elevate you or your business, get noticed and win work!

The Business Package

Invoices, contracts, finance, managing clients. Put your business on auto pilot with the business package.

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Pull up a seat and access all the previous LIVE training and feedback sessions.